by | Dec 6, 2020

In 1966, a group of banks, including Wells Fargo and the Midland Bank formed MasterCharge. It was not until 1979, that the card was formally renamed as MasterCard.

MasterCard was the first Credit Card company to introduce a type of Laser Embedded Hologram, in an effort to prevent the production counterfeit credit cards.

By the Mid 1990s, there were over 239 million MasterCards in circulation all over the world. Nowadays, over 70 percent of the worldwide population holds a valid Credit Card.

MasterCard was the first Credit Card to be introduced in China.

MasterCard covers 210 countries worldwide and has a customer base of over 1.9 billion users.

Farming companies used a type of Credit Card in the 19th Century, though obviously, not the type of Credit Card that we are used to today.

On average, over 200 million credit cards are used every day in the United States..